ZhyperMU Information Center

Recent news:
VIP voucher 10 day cooldown added. Read more here: Game Updates

New player orientation:
Click to find out how to recover a lost or stolen account.
- ZhyperMU Head Game Masters will attempt to recover any account provided sufficient evidence of ownership is shown.
- In order to ask for help recovering an account, please visit the forums and use the following form: Form 13
Click to find out how to report a user.
- If you believe a user is breaking ZhyperMU's rules, you can report him on the forums using the following form: Form 8
- Alternatively, you can report a person using 3rd party software with the following form: Form 83
- Please be sure to take screenshots and videos whenever possible, as they will help to prove if a person is really cheating/breaking the rules.
- Things that are bannable:

Scamming, insulting family members/religion, cheating, abusing bugs, trading for real currency/load and so on.

For a full list of the game rules, please view the following thread: Game Rules
Click to find out how to appeal an unfair ban.
- If you find yourself banned for any reason, and you believe that the ban is unfair or you would like to share your side of the story, please fill in this form: Form 19
- Ban threads can be found in the Banned Accounts section, and normally the name of the Head Game Master that has banned you appears in your Account Manager.
- If you've been banned for 3rd party software usage, then please fill in this form to appeal: Form 84
Click to find out how to recover a lost item.
- Sometimes, due to server lag and server bugs, items may rarely disappear. This is why we always recomment you take screenshots or videos of items when you are trading, using NPCs that upgrade items and anything else that involves moving items around to external storage.
- In the cases that you lose an item due to a server error/lag, Head Game Masters may be able to restore the item if sufficient evidence is provided that the item truly existed.
- Please fill in the following form to get help with recovering a lost item: Form 5